About Us


About Yoga Consciousness Trust

Yoga Consciousness Trust (YCT) is a registered public charitable trust formed in 1983 by a group of sadhakas trained by poojya Gurudev His Holiness Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Raoji for the propagation of Anustana Yoga Vedanta.

Yoga Consciousness, the Divine Experience

Everybody is experiencing the three states of consciousness namely wakeful, dream and deep sleep state. Beyond these three states is the state of Yoga consciousness, the divine experience. By attaining the Yoga Consciousness, one will be in harmony with Universal Consciousness, which will bring everlasting bliss, the ultimate goal of human life.

By systematic training in the physical, mental and spiritual planes through the method of Anushtana Yoga Vedanta, one’s body, mind and heart will be in harmony. By this one can attain yoga consciousness and perfect integrated personality, the key to blissful living.

For achieving the above aims, YCT is conducting many training programs in traditional gurusampradaya. All the courses are open to everyone regardless of sex, social status, religion, race or nationality.

Vision Statement

Striving to make every individual a perfect personality by training them as perfect Yogi (as defined in Bhagavad Gita)


The mission of Yoga Consciousness Trust is to develop the individual personality in its entirety (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual planes) through systematic practice of Yoga and Vedanta in daily life. The main aim is to help experience firsthand the states of Yoga Consciousness and know one’s True Self.

YCT methodology is rooted in the Himalayan tradition of H.H. Ramlal Prabhuji. By a systematic training in Yoga and Vedanta the Guru awakens the inner Chaitanya (Divine Energy), to help the individual transcend from darkness to light.

Main Objectives

  • Preparing higher grade yoga sadhakas who will be able to guide others
  • Training and producing qualified and well-grounded yoga instructors
  • Conducting yoga training programs catering to all walks of life
  • Publish lectures of Guruji in the form of books and audio-visual aids in yoga and vedanta
  • To undertake research in the role of yoga for human transformation