About Us


His Holiness Yogacharya Raparti Rama Raoji was born on the night of 30th September 1923 at Vizinigiri, Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. A sincere devotee right from childhood he practiced ascetic, traditional and devotional methods to attain self-realization.

Graduated in Arts & Education, he has chosen the profession of teaching to realize the goal of life in preference to other jobs. First appointment as teacher was at Ichapuram in the year 1948. Married at the age of 24 to Smt. Chitti Mahalakshmi, he lead the life of a house holder.

Completed post-graduation in English literature and History. Mastered Astrology, psychology, Vedic scriptures Upanishads, different branches of Yoga. Registered as a Medical Practitioner in Homeopathy. Retired in 1978 as principal of Government junior college.

Met his Guru His Holiness Kundala Gangayya Prabhuji at Ichapuram who guided him through his Yoga practices. Attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi in 1955. Since then he remained in ‘sahaja avastha’ and did not reveal himself till retirement. Dedicated himself to the propagation of yoga on the direction of his guru since 1979.

Conducted Anushtana Yoga Vedanta classes to all people irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality and age. Also held Yogacharya residential courses of one year duration at Ramathirtha Institute of Peace, Santhi Ashram.

Held the post of Vice president, Mission of peace, Santhi Ashram and Swami Ramathirtha Institute of Peace. He is the Spiritual Head of Yoga Consciousness Trust.

Guided many senior sadhakas who had higher yoga experiences and are in turn training numerous students of yoga under His guidance.

Visited Australia in 1994 to spread the message of Yoga.

After guiding numerous devotees remaining in seclusion at YCT, Yoga Chaitanyaramam, Vizinigiri, Gurudev attained Mahasamadhi in the early hours of 8th Oct 2014.